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Medical Billing & Coding Training

Looking for a Career in a Growing Field?

Medical billing and coding could be the right place for you!

At St. Ann’s Management Company,
we provide medical billing training that
will give you the skills to put you in high
demand in today’s medical office environments.

Why Choose St. Ann’s Management Company for Your Training?

Lower Financial Investment

Unlike more traditional programs that require the completion of several courses and thousands of dollars to get certified, MBCS focuses on the essential skills and knowledge needed to enter the medical billing/coding field and get you earning! One course, one exam, minimal investment.

Practical-Based Instruction

Our instructor, Addie Samuels, has 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her goal is to help individuals enter and successfully navigate the medical billing space. She is professional, exceptionally knowledgeable, and ready to help others obtain the skills to get their careers started.

Reasonable Time Commitment

Other programs may require you to attend classes or go online multiple times a week, for 3 or more months at a time to get your certification. The MBCS course is offered once a week, for 8 weeks, so you’ll be ready to take the exam and obtain your certification in a more manageable time period.

Medical Billing vs. Medical Coding


Medical Billing

Medical billing is a separate certification from medical coding because the knowledge needed for billing is different than coding. Certified Professional Billers (CPBs) must have a solid understanding of the various types of health insurances and how to submit, review, and resolve claim denials, while maintaining healthcare privacy regulations. Additional responsibilities may include completion of appeals, collections management, and more.

Medical Coding

Is this part of  your process? Teaching the coding for the billing?

Medical Coding certification is required to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). In doctor’s offices, this proficiency is in high demand. Earning your CPC from St. Ann’s Management Company will allow to perform the job with aplomb because you have completed the coursework.

Medical coding requires expertise is assigning the correct diagnostic, procedure, equipment, or medical service code for the insurance carriers. The information is gleaned from medical records using doctor’s notes and records from the clinical setting. The coder must understand the medical terminology in order to assign the correct alphanumeric code for to the diagnoses and procedures. 

The CPT(Current Procedural Terminology) and ICD-9-CM(International Classification of Disease, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification) codes are online. The coder must be able to assign the correct codes so that insurance will pay for the services that were provided.

Learn how to become a Medical Biller & Coder today! Call 585-406-8527 (make click to call) or contact us (link to contact us) for more information!

What Does the Training Include?

The CMBS training includes the 8 week course,
along with your first year of membership in the Medical
Association of Billers. Also included are the required workbook and the Certified Medical Biller exam fee.

In the unlikely event you do not pass the exam on your first try, your tuition will cover a second exam as long as it is taken within 30 days from the date of the original exam.

Our Curriculum