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Consulting with Medical Practices

Is Your Staff Up-to-Date on Billing & Coding Requirements?

When was the last time your medical biller learned billing and coding? Did they learn on the job from a co-worker or from an experienced, trained instructor?

This may be the perfect time to provide your staff with a refresher course with our expert consultant to make sure you are getting paid appropriately.

Rejected and Denied Claims – Their Impact on the Financial Health of Your Practice

Insurance companies will reject or deny claims that are not properly submitted. This can be due to such things as clerical errors, incorrect codes applied to procedures, and claims not being submitted in a timely manner.

Rejected Claims
Rejected claims can be corrected and resubmitted, but this will lengthen your payment cycle.
Denied Claims
Denied claims may also be due to errors, and must go through an appeal process. Each insurance company has its own process for appealing claims, adding even more time awaiting payments.

How We Can Help

The processing delays caused by rejected and denied claims can have an adverse effect on cash-flow.

Our knowledge and expertise within the medical billing and coding industry allows MBCS to provide insight and solutions that decrease the time your staff spends preparing, submitting, and following-up claims.

Your Medical Office

can benefit from an injection of knowledge from St. Ann’s Management Company. Call 877-289-6292 or contact us today!